Softlon® : Quality Foam for Vaired Application :
Softlon® is an irradiation cross-linked Polyethylene Foam that may be expanded from 3 to 50 times and has a closed cell structure. Compared with other foams, Softlon® has better characteristics in mechanical properties, dimensional stability, lightweight properties, heat insulation properties, heat resistance, chemical resistance and fabricability with many unique properties and a wide range of applications.
Softlon® is therefore a very versatile and popular material used extensively in the fields of packing, building and construction, sundry goods, etc., that are very easy to work with such as Slitting, Slicing, Laminating, Embossing, Vacuum foaming and so on can all undertaken easily.
That are all designing for value and proven to perform, SOFTLON® products offer out standing thermal insulation properties, wide working temperature range, CFC and HCFC free, and offer a high degree of fire and smoke protection.
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